2.2 a.k.a. p.754-760
1. Write down line 3. What does it mean?

2. Where is Romeo, and where is Juliet in this scene?

3. What does Juliet say in lines 35-38?

4. Precisely what is Juliet saying about names in lines 46-53? Paraphrase it.
names should not matter
5. What does Juliet warn Romeo about? (70-73)
Saying he could get killed
6. Romeo would rather than __ (85-87)
i would rather die then not have your love
7. What does Juliet want Romeo to do? (99-115)
wants romeo to say "i love you"
8. What is she afraid he might think about her?
What if he thinks she is to easy
9. Why doesn’t Juliet want Romeo to swear his love by the moon? (118-120)
The moon changes
10. Why is Juliet worried about tonight? (129-131)
its going to fast
11. At what time will Juliet send someone to him?
tomorrow at 1
12. If Romeo’s vow of love is honorable, what does Juliet want him to do? What then will she do? (157-162)
if your love is honorable then are you going to marry me?
13. Copy lines 206 & 207 (very famous lines). Explain why it would be sad and why it would be sweet?

good night good night ill shale say good night tell it be tomorrow

2.3 p.761-763 1. What kind of things does Friar Laurence speak about?

2. What exactly does this particular flower do? (24-27)
revive you
3. What is Friar Laurence saying, with figurative language, about human nature?

4. Where does Friar Laurence believe Romeo has been all night?

5. Explain what Romeo asks Friar Laurence? (66-69)

6. Why is Friar Laurence so concerned about Romeo? (70-86)

7. Why does Friar Laurence consent? (99-100)